The Field of Geosciences, Like the Universe, is Expanding…

…But students rarely think of geosciences among their career options. Most high school students don’t know what the geosciences are.

They don’t understand the role of geoscientists in shaping global history and in shaping issues they often are passionate about, such as the environment.

We’re asking working geoscientists to take time to go to schools and infuse students with knowledge and passion…
for the sake of the planet.

Your time in the classroom has a far-reaching impact

Most kids are done with Earth Science in Middle School.

Fortunately, many states now require a 4th year senior level science class for high school graduation. One new option is earth science, and you can help us build momentum and demand for this course.

Your visits to the classroom will also supplement current earth sciences classes by providing real-world experience and inspiration.

The US Ranks Below Average in Global STEM Initiatives

We need to excite high school students about the possibilities and wide range of opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Geoscience encompasses all these skills, and our alumni are uniquely positioned to share their expertise.

Experts Predict a Huge Recruiting Gap in Geosciences

The demand for skilled Geoscientists is exploding just as over 10% of our existing workforce is retiring. We need to expand the understanding of the field and attract top students to the industry to fill the gap.

Even exceptional science and math teachers appreciate the real-world expertise and insight that a professional geoscientist brings to the classroom.

If you would consider volunteering in the classroom, click to learn more: